“What do you mean I was supposed to do something… I AM doing something!…

"…taking pictures!!!"

Mt. Hood looks so small against a sky of this magnitude… as seen from near Bingen, Washington.

I was on my way shopping in Hood River this evening when I got seriously sidetracked before ever crossing the bridge… the sunset just went on and on.. when I first stopped the sun was still shining ever so softly across a monochrome shimmery blue landscape, but as I set up and began to shoot it evolved and changed and I could not quit until all the color left the sky.

oops, did not get my card making project done once again!

a side note… I just watched a new release video "Whaledreamers" and EVERYONE should see this! the images are phenomenal and the message profound… it is actually a documentary focusing on several aboriginal tribe and their interactions with the whales and dolphins… Beautiful!

Posted by Starlisa on 2008-11-18 07:41:35

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