St Dominic c1970 St Andrews Dock

St Dominic c1970 St Andrews Dock

This was the star of a 1959 BBC Schools film documenting the activities of the Hull Fishing industry. See the site for full listings of archived Hull & Grimsby sidewinder films.

St Dominic was indeed my favourite of all the Hull trawlers.

Subsequent Note : ArcticCorsair’s note about his Grandad prompts me to add a further note about my Dad. He worked for Cook, Welton and Gemmell and Broady’s as an electrician on fitting out and refits, first at the Beverley Yard and subsequently at Princes Dock until it’s closure.
I recall he told stories of going on sea trials (incl St Dominic) and remembering his being ‘missing’ for a couple of weeks at a time occasionally when I was very young. Sadly, these graceful workhorses were to be the cause of his demise. Much of his work was deep in the bowels of the vessel below the boilers while they were being lagged (generally by Broady’s). He would tell a story of ‘playing snowballs’ with the fibres that would hang heavy in the air and form a carpet at their feet. Of course these fibres were asbestos and he died slowly from asbestosis / mesothelioma in 1992 over 20 years after his last contact with that infernal mineral. But he would always talk fondly of his many years with the trawlers, of the friends he made and the pride he took in his work – I did see some some photographs once of his work – a industrial work of art – and wish that I had them today.

Note : ( Highly cropped due to using Canon350D with a 35mm Slide Copier – when I can afford a full size CCD camera – I’ll redo them. For now I’m glad to have had the opportunity of seeing some of these for the first time ever as many never got printed 🙂 )

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