The Secret (The law of attraction ) – Rhonda Byrne (Free Download)


The Secret reveals the greatest secret of the universe and gives you the key to a better you. The law of attraction is the keyword she has used in the book and law of attraction is said to be as true and as impartial as law of gravity.

  • Every thought of yours, by volition or not, gets manifested in your life. Your experience in life is a result of your thoughts.
  • You can keep a check on your thoughts with your feelings. Avoid negative thoughts always.
  • Like attracts like according to law of attraction. Only thing you need to do is to visualise, feel and receive it with gratitude.
  • Never doubt law of attraction. If you do, you emit the wrong frequency. Always stop and ask ‘Am I aware?’
  • Make sure that your actions do not contradict with your vision. The Universe always says: “Your wish is my command”
  • You are the most powerful transmitting tower ever on earth. The greatest frequencies you can emit are love and gratitude.
  • The Universe has enough for everyone. There’s abundance and no lack of anything.
  • Whatever you think is right according to law of attraction. There’s no room for doubt.


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