a poem of art and science – Somewhere in sl 597 (Paper Observatory, LEA21 (130, 118, 21))

a poem of art and science - Somewhere in sl 597 (Paper Observatory, LEA21 (130, 118, 21))

The fantastic building „PaperObservatory“ by Haveit Neox at LEA21

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Description by the builder:


by Haveit Neox
on the LEA 21 sim
full month of January, 2014

Having been invited on very short notice (2 days!) to build on the LEA 21 sim in January, I gratefully accepted this opportunity to develop and work on the concept of an observatory, the “Paper Observatory”. The inspiration and initial model for this project is the 4 year old Paper Tower on the sim ACC Alpha, this tower being a giant structure in the center of my sim which harbors the visitor center and galleries.

The new Paper Observatory on the LEA21 sim hovers above an ample arena. The city leading up to this build is concentric; rooftops conforming into one large sweep of concavity, suggests a satellite dish. The human activities displayed in the streets and the main square reflect on superstitious times before science’s tenet of universal proof, before disease was known to be microbial or before the earth was discovered to be round. In the sky, the Observatory catches the sunlight. This is Second Life, and we can flap our way up to the building’s landing. Requiring flight into the Observatory is an intended motion which I equate with the turning of a page in a book. The walls are of paper since this structure, as its predecessor, is my version of a book. During the month of January, I will continue to refine the textures and the shapes. The deconstruction motif at the base of the structure reflects directly onto the Paper Tower’s story, whose exposed girder skeleton belies questions of permanence.

As the Paper Tower is dedicated to arts, the Observatory will be connected to science and therefore be a venue where one could gather information and get in touch with thought provoking theories.

We live in a time of challenges unlike any other in history. Global Warming is not a political issue, it is an ecological one with direct biological consequences, and it is here now. It affects all of us, no matter our belief systems. In the very near future, as we advance into a world which will be much compromised and readied for the wars of water and the wars of food, the best strategy we can have is to assimilate education from proper scientists, and take the necessary steps without delay. As I learn more about science, I would like to share some of these valuable tools with visitors.


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The "Somewhere in sl" picture series (or "The Adventures of WuWai in Second Life") is my guide and bookmark folder to wonderful, artful, curious or in other way remarkably sims of second life with travel guide WuWai Chun.

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