1954 Kent Micronite Cigarette Asbestos Filter – Mouthpiece View

1954 Kent Micronite Cigarette Asbestos Filter - Mouthpiece View

View of a vintage, 1954 Kent Micronite cigarette filter showing blue-colored fibrous crocidolite asbestos protruding from compressed layers of crimped crepe-paper filter media. Close-up of Micronite filter here.

In the past, a specific type of crocidolite asbestos mineral ("Bolivian Blue") was reported used as a filter media ingredient in atomic energy facilities, hospitals, and even inside certain gas-mask canisters due to its very high-efficiency for filtering very small particulate. Yes, amphibole asbestos fiber itself was used to filter out other contaminants from breathing-air.

This same crocidolite-asbestos material was later formulated by P. Lorillard in the early 1950’s for commercial application within their proprietary "Micronite" filter, but only in Kent-brand cigarettes (from 1952 to1956). Lorillard eventually removed asbestos from the Micronite filter in 1956 and continued to make "NEW" reformulated non-asbestos Micronite filters for several years later.

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